Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New 5 Star Review - WOW!

Rose Collins
Nov 29, 2016 Rose Collins rated it: it was amazing
A spectacular example of crime genre fiction!
Written in Blood is a stunningly dark crime novel, with a fascinating plot and characters with a larger than life presence.

Compelling characters accompany suburb intriguing writing, filled with shocking twists & turns.
Brilliantly vivid narrative, spellbinding dialogue and flawless pacing.
One of the creepiest, most suspenseful atmospheres I have encountered yet- most pages had Ken and John breathing air thick with tension; immersing the reader in this suspense, tense atmosphere along with the two main characters.

Nathan Bush is one high calibre writer, with a brilliant sense of humor.
A very skilled writer, his writing transcends all the usual genre classifications.
Master of multiple genres: crime, thriller, mystery.

The settings and characters are so well portrayed- its very easy to visualize the pages coming to life. Virtually every page I turned left me feeling the knife edge of Ken's life- Written in Blood oozes the spine tingling suspense that leads to goosebumps, icy chills and a race in heartbeat.
Yet Nathan Bush also uses fantastic humor to lighten the mood, so the novel does not become too intense or depressing.

The most exciting page turner of this decade!
Brilliant author & great novel- hoping Written in Blood will be adapted for tv or a movie soon.

Sending out thanks to Rose for the awesome review

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