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Latest review for Written in Blood

Vera mallard
Nov 22, 2016 Vera mallard rated it: really liked it
Horrendous Crimes...
Two Detectives Determined To Solve Them...
And the Stalker/Murderer Determined To Destroy One Of Them!

"Life is like a vapor, here for just a little while then it's gone"


Author Nathan Bush created a intensely driven and emotional story in his mystery crime novel, Written In Blood. Ken Collin's probationary period has ended. Now a full fledged Detective with the Foley PD and still partnered with seasoned Detective John Filcher, he should have life by the tail. However, fate will step in and change everything for Ken. His father's cancer has returned with a vengeance and Ken seems to be developing some issues of his own, mentally and physically. Also, Ken has acquired a stalker bent on revenge. Eddie, evil personified, determined to destroy Ken and all he holds dear, blames Ken for all the wrongs in his life. Eddie, locked away for many years, sees Ken as the reason for all his problems. Upon release, Eddie seeks revenge.

Can John, a Godly man, present the Lord's plan to Ken and bring him peace and salvation? Can he help Ken with his black outs, persistent mental issues, and his father's illness? Will Eddie succeed in his quest for vengeance and destroy Ken? Will John and Ken solve the latest murders? Finally, will they stop Eddie before it is too late?

Come along with John and Ken as they travel a very crooked and lonely road; one which has unexpected twists and turns. My crime mystery novel review of Written in Blood follows.


First and foremost, I must state how much this novel affected me. Written by devoting alternating chapters to the main characters, the insight into the minds, reasoning, and feelings was extremely effective. I did not find this confusing or difficult to follow as each chapter was headed with the characters name. The insight into the perspective of the individual character added depth to the story; we see the story from their view. Furthermore, Author Nathan Bush added twists and turns to his plotting which were totally unexpected. He created an original and fresh tale of crime, mental illness, revenge, and God's love of man. Mr. Bush crafted John's determination in presenting the love of God to Ken smoothly, without preaching or pushing. John walked the walk as well as talked the
talk; evidenced by the way he lived his life. The Christ message is a part of John's personality and life values. He wanted Ken to know the peace and love freely available to him.

In addition, by creating a roller coaster ride of emotion, the transitions in the story-line did not stop and start, but progressed smoothly. Every good book should invoke strong emotion in the reader. I ran the gauntlet of emotions in reading Written in Blood. When Mr. Bush revealed the last
plot line, I was blown away. At the end of the novel, all I could say was: WOW, as tears ran down my face.

Moreover, in concluding my mystery crime novel review of Written in Blood, I found the story-line intense and riveting with mind blowing twists and turns. This mystery novel is proof a good book can contain Christian principles and entertain the reader. Additionally, this novel further proves sex is not needed in a well-written novel to sell the story-line. The Plan of Salvation found in the back of the book is a bonus for anyone ready and willing to read, understand, and accept.


Finally, I did not hesitate to give Written in Blood 4 stars. With a well developed story-line, characters, and pacing, I recommend this mystery crime novel for young adults and adult. You need not be religious to enjoy this novel as the author smoothly and with ease adds the Christ message.


Additionally, I received this book from the author and chose to voluntarily review the novel with an honest mystery crime novel review.

Book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion. Consequently, all book reviews on line and on my blog, are my opinion. Without a doubt, the ARC did not affect my voluntary mystery crime novel review.

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