Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The BIGGEST gift

     Although I immensely enjoy giving and receiving material gifts, as Christmas rapidly approaches I must remember the biggest gift I have ever received: Eternal Life.  As much as I love my wife and children and the rest of my family and friends, nothing can compare to the love I have for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; or for the love He has for me, and everyone else.
     As we celebrate the birth of Christ, I am reminded of what being a Christian is all about and how it relates to the season we are celebrating.  Acts 11:26 states, And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.
     Christians are those who believe both inwardly and outwardly that the birth, crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus is a gift from God that allows us access to God's forgiveness of sin and an eternal life through Him.  We have accepted this gift through our faith and we seek to live a life of obedience and thankfulness for what God has done for us.
    Our Christianity is both private and public through our inward belief and outward confession.  After we have received forgiveness for our sins and the gift of Eternal life through Jesus, we can now live our new lives for Him and through Him.  We are forever connected to the family of God and all that it entails.
    As you celebrate the Christmas season,remember what it's all about.  And pray to God and thank Him for your Biggest gift and reflect on what it means to and for you.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Review of 'A Righteous Fury'

I recently finished 'A Righteous Fury' by Jack Fernard.

Solid 4 Stars

If you like supernatural thrillers that are fueled by warfare between forces of good and evil, then this book is for you.
I found it to be a great book. It was definitely action packed and character driven! I liked the fact that the MC is not your run-of-the-mill hero, but just an average guy thrust into extraordinary circumstances. I found the history of the MC intriguing, as he came from a background you wouldn't expect. The Slayers (demon fighters) could have a book or two of their own as well.
I think the plot of this work was unique and well thought out, with plenty of sub-plots to keep you involved with every character, to see how they were necessary to the story. It had a great story line for the first book in the series.
I most definitely recommend this book, and the next one (based on the teaser at the end of book one), even if it's only half as good! Can't wait for "A Forgotten Fury". Kudos, Jack.

Grab a copy on Amazon and enjoy.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New 5 Star Review - WOW!

Rose Collins
Nov 29, 2016 Rose Collins rated it: it was amazing
A spectacular example of crime genre fiction!
Written in Blood is a stunningly dark crime novel, with a fascinating plot and characters with a larger than life presence.

Compelling characters accompany suburb intriguing writing, filled with shocking twists & turns.
Brilliantly vivid narrative, spellbinding dialogue and flawless pacing.
One of the creepiest, most suspenseful atmospheres I have encountered yet- most pages had Ken and John breathing air thick with tension; immersing the reader in this suspense, tense atmosphere along with the two main characters.

Nathan Bush is one high calibre writer, with a brilliant sense of humor.
A very skilled writer, his writing transcends all the usual genre classifications.
Master of multiple genres: crime, thriller, mystery.

The settings and characters are so well portrayed- its very easy to visualize the pages coming to life. Virtually every page I turned left me feeling the knife edge of Ken's life- Written in Blood oozes the spine tingling suspense that leads to goosebumps, icy chills and a race in heartbeat.
Yet Nathan Bush also uses fantastic humor to lighten the mood, so the novel does not become too intense or depressing.

The most exciting page turner of this decade!
Brilliant author & great novel- hoping Written in Blood will be adapted for tv or a movie soon.

Sending out thanks to Rose for the awesome review

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Latest review for Written in Blood

Vera mallard
Nov 22, 2016 Vera mallard rated it: really liked it
Horrendous Crimes...
Two Detectives Determined To Solve Them...
And the Stalker/Murderer Determined To Destroy One Of Them!

"Life is like a vapor, here for just a little while then it's gone"


Author Nathan Bush created a intensely driven and emotional story in his mystery crime novel, Written In Blood. Ken Collin's probationary period has ended. Now a full fledged Detective with the Foley PD and still partnered with seasoned Detective John Filcher, he should have life by the tail. However, fate will step in and change everything for Ken. His father's cancer has returned with a vengeance and Ken seems to be developing some issues of his own, mentally and physically. Also, Ken has acquired a stalker bent on revenge. Eddie, evil personified, determined to destroy Ken and all he holds dear, blames Ken for all the wrongs in his life. Eddie, locked away for many years, sees Ken as the reason for all his problems. Upon release, Eddie seeks revenge.

Can John, a Godly man, present the Lord's plan to Ken and bring him peace and salvation? Can he help Ken with his black outs, persistent mental issues, and his father's illness? Will Eddie succeed in his quest for vengeance and destroy Ken? Will John and Ken solve the latest murders? Finally, will they stop Eddie before it is too late?

Come along with John and Ken as they travel a very crooked and lonely road; one which has unexpected twists and turns. My crime mystery novel review of Written in Blood follows.


First and foremost, I must state how much this novel affected me. Written by devoting alternating chapters to the main characters, the insight into the minds, reasoning, and feelings was extremely effective. I did not find this confusing or difficult to follow as each chapter was headed with the characters name. The insight into the perspective of the individual character added depth to the story; we see the story from their view. Furthermore, Author Nathan Bush added twists and turns to his plotting which were totally unexpected. He created an original and fresh tale of crime, mental illness, revenge, and God's love of man. Mr. Bush crafted John's determination in presenting the love of God to Ken smoothly, without preaching or pushing. John walked the walk as well as talked the
talk; evidenced by the way he lived his life. The Christ message is a part of John's personality and life values. He wanted Ken to know the peace and love freely available to him.

In addition, by creating a roller coaster ride of emotion, the transitions in the story-line did not stop and start, but progressed smoothly. Every good book should invoke strong emotion in the reader. I ran the gauntlet of emotions in reading Written in Blood. When Mr. Bush revealed the last
plot line, I was blown away. At the end of the novel, all I could say was: WOW, as tears ran down my face.

Moreover, in concluding my mystery crime novel review of Written in Blood, I found the story-line intense and riveting with mind blowing twists and turns. This mystery novel is proof a good book can contain Christian principles and entertain the reader. Additionally, this novel further proves sex is not needed in a well-written novel to sell the story-line. The Plan of Salvation found in the back of the book is a bonus for anyone ready and willing to read, understand, and accept.


Finally, I did not hesitate to give Written in Blood 4 stars. With a well developed story-line, characters, and pacing, I recommend this mystery crime novel for young adults and adult. You need not be religious to enjoy this novel as the author smoothly and with ease adds the Christ message.


Additionally, I received this book from the author and chose to voluntarily review the novel with an honest mystery crime novel review.

Book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion. Consequently, all book reviews on line and on my blog, are my opinion. Without a doubt, the ARC did not affect my voluntary mystery crime novel review.

Praying for America

Now that the dust has had time to settle from our recent elections, I've had time to reflect on our nation; where it came from, where it is, and where it could go.  Too much has gone on here in recent years that has slowly eroded the godly principles that our country was founded on and everything for which we stand.

If you've never been to Washington, D.C., I encourage you to find the time to make the trip.  A few years ago I was privileged to be able to take a group of teens from our youth ministry on a Prayer Mission to our capitol.  I had always wanted to see D.C. and everything involved with the founding of our country.

Our great nation was was founded on godly principles and the Word of God.  To be able to see, up close, the actual documents that helped forge America, and to see the signatures of the God-fearing men who were willing to step out in faith, was an inspiration.  But that trip also served as a reminder of how far we, as a nation, have fallen from our humble beginnings and the principles we used to stand upon.

Now, few of our leaders regard our country as a God-controlled nation.  We have turned away from what our forefathers had originally planned.  Aside from a small minority, we are no longer a God-fearing country, full of self-sacrificing Christian citizens, but rather a land of self-serving, self-fulfilling Christian claimers.  While the left has done everything they can to take God out of America, the right has stood idly by and watched it happen.  But it's now time to get back to where we started.

The main purpose of our trip was to go and pray for our leaders, their families and our country.  We spent time praying at the Capitol Building, the Supreme Court, the National Archives, the White house, and Arlington national Cemetery.  We prayed for our Senators, Congress, the house of Representatives, the Supreme Court Justices, the President, their families, our nation, our military, and all families.  We challenged our teens to pray every day for all these people, and I would challenge you as well.

We need to pray for our leaders to have strength, integrity, wisdom, conviction and discernment. If we don't change the direction our country is going, we will only fall farther away from where we began: with God.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Believers, non-Believers and relationships

I've always thought that being a Christian meant that we needed to distance ourselves from non-Christians/non-believers in order to keep us from walking in the wrong direction, while still trying to get those same people to look to God, and show them the hope we have in Jesus.

However, while reading through Sean McDowell's book, Apologetics for a New Generation, I have learned that the opposite is actually true. Sean states that the longer we are Christians, the less we socialize with non-Christians, and over time, we distance ourselves from the very ones we are sent to be salt and light to. When we do that, we lose valuable opportunities to share our faith and beliefs with others.

If we, as a body of believers, want to reach those that don't know God, we must form close, personal relationships with them. Only through personal contact of this kind can we hope to earn their friendship and trust, thus allowing deeper and more meaningful dialogue to develop about our faith and beliefs, and their faith and beliefs.

Trust builds friendships; friendships breed dialogues; dialogues beget questions; questions bear answers; answers bring hope.